Consulting with Manhattan-based AK Engineering is the first step in ensuring your New York City construction work is completed in compliance with the requisites as defined by the 2008 NYC Building Code, which requires Special Inspections be performed for all construction projects.

Special Inspections, which have been mandatory for all construction jobs whose applications were submitted on or after July 1, 2008, include inspections of selected materials, equipment, installation, fabrication, erection or placement of components and connections; these inspections confirm compliance with approved construction documents and referenced standards required by NYC Building Code Chapter 17 and elsewhere in the Building Code or its referenced standards.

SafetyAccredited under the requirements as set forth in NYC Building Code Section (c)(3) of 1 RCNY 101-06, AK Engineering’s Special Inspection and Progress Inspection services are expertly conducted during the construction process to verify that work is being done in accordance with approved plans and specifications.

Such inspections are mandated by law and may only be performed by Special Inspectors on behalf of a Special Inspection Agency, such as AK Engineering.


NYC Department of Buildings Rules 1RCNY 101-06 and 101-07, with an applicable cross-reference to the 2008 NYC Construction Code, stipulate that Special Inspection agencies are required to demonstrate accreditation by International Accreditation Service, Inc. (IAS) or an equivalent accreditation body for all Class I projects.

The International Accreditation Service (IAS) provides objective evidence that an organization, such as AK Engineering operates at the highest level of ethical, legal and technical standards.


Forged through years of relevant experience in the construction industry, AK Engineering is registered as a Special Inspection Agency with the NYC Department of Buildings, fully licensed and accredited, and officially recognized as an International Accreditation Service (IAS)-accredited Special Inspection Agency. AK Engineering is authorized to sign TR 1 forms for inspections as required by law in New York.

AK Engineering company excels at the leading edge of the special/progress inspection-services industry attributable, at least in part, to the company’s knowledgeable, well-trained and courteous inspectors and professionals who work closely with project teams to identify issues of concern and propose effective solutions to problems; timely, efficient coordination with project teams that ensure time-sensitive inspections are conducted in support of aggressive construction schedules, and quick turnaround of Building Department forms.